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We are a company that prides ourselves on professionalism and precision.  The quality standards we have developed over the years, coupled with our on-site job specialists, Ike  Painting & Construction assures that every job is delivered to your satisfaction... on time and on budget.

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Ike painting and construction company is a fully licensed and insured full-service building and remodeling company based in Dallas, Texas. We have been serving the construction and remodeling needs of Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan Area and surrounding counties, since 1990. We provide a complete range of construction and remodeling services in all segments of the commercial and residential market. We specialize in interior and exterior remodeling, such as painting, drywalls, tape, bed, kitchens, bathrooms, ceramic tiles, concrete slab, patio and general home improvement. Over the years we have earned a reputation with our customers for quality, promptness, above average performance while staying within budget.

Painting Services

Our painting services are second to none! With over 30 years of experience in the industry we have developed a reputation of reliability and superlative service all while delivering the highest quality product at a competitive price.

Our Projects

Our clients know that quality and service constitute real value. The value of a job completed on time, within budget and with no surprises.  We take a Team Build approach, partnering with designers and owners to develop creative solutions that benefit our clients and contribute to high construction standards.